Rachel Grahmann is a senior English-Communication Arts major at St. Mary’s University and Layout/Design Editor for The Rattler Newspaper. She is a passionate communicator, designer and photographer and strives to bring enthusiasm to everything she does.

Grahmann grew up in the small town of Victoria, Texas and after high school gravitated to the bustling city of San Antonio to begin her college and professional careers. After spending two years working on a business degree, she found her calling instead in humanities and traded Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for InDesign documents and Photoshop brushes.

Not long after changing her major, Grahmann was hired at The Rattler– a place where she has grown immensely as a creator and writer. After spending two semesters as Entertainment Editor, she moved up to her current position in layout and design. She was also a director for two years for the St. Mary’s new student orientation programs, gaining experience in leadership and event planning.

Grahmann plans to graduate in December 2014 and is looking for a fun and exciting job through which she can utilize her talents and learn new skills.