Listening to Zeppelin in womb makes for punny sense of humor

T. Bowles
Perpetual senior Travis Bowles discusses being awesome, his unique sense of humor and his love for The Colbert Report.

Media production student ready to learn, nervous

I’m both nervous and excited to begin the second semester of my senior year. I’m hoping to use this final time of my college career to catch up on things I still need to learn before going out into the “real” world. It’s also a time during which I am reflecting on my past four years at St. Mary’s and expressing gratitude for all I’ve experienced here.

I am excited to have another creative project-based course. I’ve never worked much with audio or video editing, so these are two aspects of the class I am excited to gain more experience with.

Similar to graphic design two years ago, I’m aware that this course will be quite a bit of work and time spent outside of class completing assignments. Although this is intimidating, these assignments are the basis of much of what I’ve learned thus far as an English-Communication Arts major.

Because I work-study at the Mac Lab, I know it will be convenient for me to finish assignments and work on projects for the class. In the past few years, I have also improved my time management and planning skills, so I know this will also make it possible for me to succeed in this course.

For my career in the communication and creative fields, this is a great course to gain experience with interviewing others, creating and editing media.

I am so happy to be able to participate in this course and have the opportunity to learn more about the broad field I hope to pursue. It’s exciting to gain experience in areas where I know I need improvement and spend time getting to know my classmates.